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Ngasal 1.0

NGASAL stands for Ngobrol Apa aja Satya FerAL, in ngasal 1.0 that was literally the fun way “podcast” to talk about what’s on social media and something viral happened where our host, Satya Yozi and Ferally Mahardika played some “ngasal games” and told the audiences with theirs very fun way.

Ngasal 2.0

NGASAL 2.0 still stands for ngobrol apa aja satya feral. But,  will begin their adventure to become an expert in every way. Bring the mission from the host that really seeking for a new things. They will learn the “how to” from the expert, with a fun and intriguing packaging, and they show the expert how the “ngasal” way of doing it. Satya Yozy & Feral Mahardhika will having a fun challenges with some expert in every aspect. This will be a genuine “variety show” where the program will give the audiences a new entertainment.

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